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“Bring your tired and weary feet to me and experience a Restorative Foot Zone Treatment in the beautiful mountains of Lowman, Idaho!”

What is Restorative Foot Zoning (RFZ)?

Restorative Foot Zoning is an advanced form of reflexology that involves accessing the signals/reflexes/nerve endings on your entire foot that correlate with not only the organs of your body…but all the body systems! RFZ involves applying a series of directional and sequential touch techniques to support the flow and circulation of all the body systems. This process helps bring your body back into its natural balanced state…relaxed and able to heal!

The History of “Healing Through the Feet”

History reveals that cultures from all over the world, beginning in ancient times have developed modalities of healing through the feet: Ancient Egyptians, Eastern Asia (Japan & China), East India, Arabic, Grecian, Russian, and European Sources, as well as primitive African and Native American Indian cultures.

Dr. William Fitzgerald, ENT surgeon: 10 Zones (Electrical Currents = Nerve endings) in hands and feet. Used pressure on fingers and toes to alleviate pain anywhere in the corresponding zone in the body. “Zone Analgesia” alleviated pain: Child birth, dentistry, headaches, neuralgias and so on.

Dr. Joseph Riley, Chiropractor in Washington, D.C. added zones across the hands and feet. In 1918 he charted the first reflex zone maps on the feet.  Published: “Zone Therapy Simplified”.

Dr. Eunice Ingham, Chiropractor & Physiotherapist worked with Dr. Riley in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1930. As she mapped the reflex points on the feet, she found that the reflexes on the feet were an exact mirror image of the organs of the body. She continued to chart the feet and developed the protocol known as Reflexology.

Charles Ersdal, owner of a mechanical company in Norway, delivered products in the shipping industry. Because of stress and job pressures, Charles had a serious stroke which resulted in paralysis to the left side of his body.

During this period of his life, Charles explored alternative therapies. He was treated by Einer Svendsen, a chiropractor who had been trained in the reflexology technique. Einer treated Ersdal over a period of two years, resulting in a cure of his paralysis.

This peaked Ersdal’s curiosity and changed his thoughts on his future career. He began a lengthy education in Alternative Medicine at the European College of Natural Medicine in Germany: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Acupuncture, and an in-depth study of reflexology. He was particularly interested in discovering why reflexology worked on some patients but not on others. One night as Charles was sleeping, he received the answer to his question in a dream.

The body needs to be treated in its entirety and not only on reflex points.” He was shown the placement of the spine, organs, and all the systems of the body – 3 Dimensionally on the feet.

Charles opened a clinic in 1980 in Norway where he treated patients and taught Foot Zone Therapy. In 1989, Ersdal taught in Montana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming and Idaho. Katri Nordblom carried on the tradition. I graduated from We Do Feet Seminars, in Wellsville, Utah, established since 2001. 


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restorative foot zone treatment

·         Heated Himalayan Salt Brick used to aid in detoxifying your body during the zone & allows your body to absorb up to over 80 trace elements your body may be deficient in.

·         RFZT is like getting a “Tune-Up” for your body! It helps calm your body systems so they function more efficiently. Feeling deep relaxation boosts the healing process! It is also great for preventative health care!

·         RFZT sessions typically last one hour.

·         Cost: $40

Let Mother Nature Be Your Physician!