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Restorative Foot Zoning

Restorative Foot Zoning

Blue The Worry Tree

Leave all your worries on me as you enter the portal to your healing journey!

I Am Yoga Nidra​

As a I Am Yoga Facilitator, I can guide you through this ancient sleep-based meditation that uses breath, body and awareness techniques to take you into deep states of relaxation, while remaining conscious. I was trained by Amrit Yogi Desai and Kamini Desai at the Amrit Yoga Institutes / Ashram in Salt Springs, Florida. This technique has limitless holist benefits. It has allowed me to relate to my “story” differently, by being able to see it objectively, as an observer, vs believing it and feeling victimized, reliving it over and over, (PTSD) to ultimately accessing the ability to “re-write / edit” my story and the author and creator of my life. I Am Yoga Nidra takes you from the thinking mind and doing body to the experience of feeling and being. It allows you to tap in to your Super-Conscious (Beyond the Mind) and Experience your Limitless and Eternal Self!
“Lead me from the Unreal to the Real. Lead me from Darkness to Light. And lead me from Time-Bound Consciousness to the Timeless State of Being that I Am.” I Am Yoga Nidra Prayer.

I Am Yoga (Coming in August 2022)​

Level I Integrated Amrit Method Yoga: After my 10 day I Am Yoga Nidra full-immersion experience & facilitator training at the Amrit Yoga Institute /Ashram, I KNEW, in my heart, that this is the lineage to which I belong and stem from. This is why I decided, long ago, that when I do become a certified yoga teacher, I wanted to be certified in Amrit I AM Integrative Yoga. It is meditation in motion. It is about being established in the self and witnessing the modification of the mind. Of course, there are wonderful physical benefits, however, it goes so far beyond that. It is ironic, because my logo has an om sign within it. I have an entire room dedicated to and called, “The Yoga Room”. However, I have not been using it as that, partly because I am not currently certified and partly because I convinced myself that I would not be able to teach due to knee injuries and then total knee surgery last year. However, as I was retraining in, I AM Yoga Nidra practices, I also followed the I AM Yoga – Level One teachings on a flash drive. I noticed that I was so much more peaceful before I started Yoga Nidra. Even though I may have to make some modifications, I know that I am MEANT to be an Amrit I AM Yoga teacher. So, stay tuned! I will begin my teacher training in May and expect to be certified sometime in August! The video link below is by Kamani Desai, PhD. Who explains what I AM Yoga teacher training is all about. Although it is meant for future teachers, I want to share this with you so you have a clear understanding of what I will be offering in the future!

Dark Sky​

Lowman is known for it’s magical night skies, because we don’t have light pollution. When the sky is at its darkest, the moon, planets, stars and Milky Way are at their brightest! Watching the celestial events in the night sky in Lowman is a truly healing experience as we connect to its limitless and infinite nature!​

Hot Springs​

Lowman is famously known for their natural hot springs and the healing benefits of the low-geothermal water. EHMO is only ½ mile from Haven Hot Springs Pool, 1 Mile from Kirkham Hot Springs, 9 miles from Pine Flats Hot Springs, 23 miles from Sacajawea Hot Springs, and 17 miles from Bonneville Hot Springs. There are also other hot springs on the way to Stanley as well as Campground Hot Spring off Highway 17 on the way to Garden Valley.​

Retreat Center​

EHMO saying is, “Let Mother Nature Be Your Physician!” Eagle Horizons Mountain Oasis is the place to stay in Lowman, Idaho if you are looking for a retreat and healing experience. Whether you eat at one of the dining rooms tables inside (looking out the window) or out on the stunning front porch, you are likely to see wildlife close by. Deer and elk often graze on vegetation just feet away. EHMO has several birdhouses around to welcome a variety of birds to dine and visit. There is no shortage of Kodak moments around here. Experience peace and you listen to the South Fork Payette River serenade you with the reminder to “Just let go and go with the flow.

EHMO is offering more and more healing modalities and plans of networking with like-minded souls in the healing arts who are interested in facilitating workshops and retreat experiences here. On the horizons, I envision hosting energy healing workshops, music healing, drum circles, shamanic journeying, art therapy and more. EHMO can be a great place for caregivers to finally care for themselves. The sky is the limit! EHMO also plans on having its own chickens to serve organic eggs for breakfast in the future. It is all a work in progress. Join me in creating this vision of healing the planet by beginning with ourselves!